Grievance Redressal


SBERBANK policy on customer grievances redressal is based on the following principle:

The customer is the middle of the Bank’s products, services and the existence/growth of bank depends upon the level of customer service and the satisfaction of the customers. Thus requirement of existence of a suitable mechanism for receiving and redressing customer grievances courteously, promptly and satisfactorily. Any mistakes made by the Bank should be rectified immediately. The details of grievances redressal mechanism must be in the domain of public knowledge’.

The above principle is incorporated in the Bank’s policy of grievances redressal.

Grievances relating to branch transactions:

In case of any difficulty faced by customer undertaking banking transactions with the bank, the customers may approach the Operations Manager at the branch, who will ensure that the customers’ banking needs are attended to. However, if this does not happen, customers may demand the complaint book/Form, which is available in the branch and lodge a written complaint. Bank will provide a copy of the complaint as an acknowledgement of receipt of complaint. The bank’s endeavour is to ensure that the redressal of the complaint takes place expeditiously and in any case within a maximum period of three weeks. If for any reason the branch is unable to redress the grievance within three weeks the customer will be informed of the reasons and the action taken for early redressal.

Bank has created following “Levels” for customer grievance redressal mechanism to provide better customer service and speedy complaints redressal.

New Delhi Branch:


Customers, in case they have any grievances/complaints, may approach the following officer for a resolution, at the bank office at:  UGF, Gopal Das Bhawan, 28 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001.

Customer Care:

Telephone:                             011-40048888


In case the complaint is not resolved within 7 days of receipt of complaint, the complainant is free to approach the level II as follows:


In case the customer is not satisfied with the resolution, they may approach the following for a redressal of their grievance/complaint, at the bank office at:  UGF, Gopal Das Bhawan, 28 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001.

Amit Sahal – Nodel officer:

Telephone:                              011-40048891