Term loans


Sberbank offers term loans in Indian Rupees for various maturities:

  • Short-term loans of up to one year.
  • Medium-term loans between one and three years.
  • Long-term loans of over three years.

The loan amount is based on an evaluation of borrower creditworthiness and legal capacity, the borrower’s credit history with the bank, and the specifics of the project to be financed. As always having accounts and a positive credit record with Sberbank is an advantage.

The bank accepts the following loan securities:

Collateral of property, fixed assets, goods and equipment.

Corporate guarantee from parent companies situated in Russian federation and CIS countries.

Current assets in form of account receivables and stocks.

The security amount should cover the loan principal with interest attributable to the bank and the bank’s potential costs incurred from the forced sale of the collateral.